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Imsoreallybored's Admin Application
« on: October 16, 2013, 12:26:48 am »
1. Your In-Game Name:
-Imsoreallybored (Never really changed it since Gmodtheater...)

2. Your Steam ID:

3. Your Moderating Experience:
Currently: Admin on Gcinema the theater server.
Retired from: -Yukitheater (Gmod Cinema)
-(MG) Melon Guardians (Gmod Sandbox)
-One unknown fishing server in HL2 deathmatch
-One unknown fishing server in Gmod
-Dead old GmodTheater as an admin.
Besides moderation of servers, I also administrate well on forums and groups on steam, and learning more in-depth about LUA, and I also spend more than half of my days on Gmod and practically spend spare time towards steam and mainly Gmod.

4. How will you conduct yourself as staff?
As Zimtower stressed so much in the admin template that he even had to make it bold~ "You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner that is unbiased and completely professional. As I have always taught my previous staff, you should always keep your professional life and personal life separate, you cannot let your in-game experience affect how you make decisions on this server. Both staff and players must understand this and there will be many moments of tough-love for your fellow players, especially on GModTheater. Our goal is to provide everyone with a fair and fun experience. To give everyone this fair and fun experience, we must be strict and staff cannot let anything get in their way, including friends or groups." I will see to this and agree with everything included, besides that I will try to make players enjoy their stay with my randomness~ Considering the possibility that I am accepted, I will be able to distribute time evenly to both theater servers (Gcinema and Gmodtheater)

5.Question: Why GmodTheater?
GmodTheater was one of the servers that completely appealed to me and made me not quit Gmod after the rest of the servers I've dedicated myself to died. I was amazed how such a simple idea could be so entertaining and long lasting (to me atleast) and now that its back I was quite surprised myself. So now that is back I thought that I should have another stab at it once more. And I remember GmodTheater when it only had 1 theater and had teletubbies outside :3.

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