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Derpalicous's Application
« on: December 10, 2013, 07:18:46 pm »
Your in-game name: [RRG] Derpalicous

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:45012248

Your moderating experience:
Owner/Founder of Raging Raccoon Gaming in Garry's Mod
Admin for two years on NS Gaming in  Garry's Mod (Retired)
Moderator for 1 year on Cyber Play Gaming in Team Fortress 2 (Still am)

How will you conduct yourself as Staff:

I am very professional when it comes the need too (and also enjoy being professional), I never let my friends/social life get in the way of me doing what i have to do, i set them straight. I also work/deal very well with players when it comes to rulebreaking incidents, I am a fair person and i don't get my anger/sympathy in situations mixed in with an indecent, i do what ever is needed. And of course i want to keep Gmod theater a fun place to play and enjoyable experience to everyone.

Question: Why GmodTheater?:

I have been playing on this gaming community since Gmod 12, (Except for when the server shut down). And have always and still love socializing, welcoming new players, seeing what the community enjoys watching and especially love movie night.